Trailiner Trucks

Experience the Trailiner Difference

Trailiner trucks and trailers are top-of-the-line. Trailers are 53' x 102' wide, high-cube reefers that can handle almost every kind of product.

Tractors are replaced every two years, trailers every four years. In accordance with its commitment to quality, Trailiner uses only the best technical equipment for temperature control.

All Trailiner trucks are linked to the satellite communications network. This allows us to monitor the location and status of each of the trucks as well as providing a two-way communications link between drivers and the terminal personnel. The system has allowed Trailiner to enhance our service to the benefit of our customers, our drivers and the whole Trailiner system.

Safety Director Elizabeth Whitener maintains a strict safety program. Each driver is required to attend one safety meeting each quarter. Trailiner's safety record is one of the best in the country, ensuring them the lowest insurance rates in the trucking industry.

Service • Safety • Satisfaction

  • Over thirty years in the truck transportation business
  • Modern fleet of tractors and refrigerated trailers
  • Two way satellite communications
  • Full electronic data interchange capability
  • Both team and single service available to meet every requirement
  • Financially stable, profitable and growing to meet your needs
  • Driver training program available