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Trailiner History

H. E. "Spook" Whitener started out as an owner-operator of his own trucks in 1955. In 1976, he started Midwest Farm Lines in Springfield, MO, which quickly expanded as its reputation for dependability, efficiency, and excellent customer service grew. By 1982, business had grown to a level that prompted H.E. to increase the scope of the company to offer better service to a greater number of customers and Trailiner Corporation was founded. "Spook" was joined by his daughter, Brenda Keithley, his wife, Liz and Larry Sanner who filled important roles in the then small company. Coming to the company later, were his granddaughter, Amber Edmondson, along with Kelly Isom who complete the management team and ensure the family business will continue into the future. Through the efforts and dedication of the entire group, Trailiner has grown into a national corporation providing excellent service to customers across all 48 states.

Today's Trailiner management team offers over a century of collective experience in transportation and traffic management. We are well-equipped to meet the needs of our customers along with the needs of our drivers. By maintaining our long history of excellence Trailiner will thrive and continue to grow far into the future.

H.E. Whitener Photo

H.E. Spook Whitener