Trailiner Trucks


"When you mention Trailiner in our office, several positives come to mind.  We have had a long term relationship with Trailiner and there is a reason for that. They are by far one of the most competent, honest and trustworthy carriers in the whole industry. They get the job done, they know what needs to be done, so they make our job easy.  Their experience and modern equipment saves us all kinds of issues when it comes to the challenge of picking up produce loads and maintaining the cold chain. They always keep their word, and don’t just tell us what we want to hear. They give it to us straight. If we are in a bind the first words out of dispatch are: “See if Trailiner has an extra truck for us.” This may sound glowing but it is the truth."

- Rick Zaffarano, West Coast Distributing

"As our 2009 top performing carrier, Trailiner’s service record speaks for itself. When we are looking for quality service we can depend on, Trailiner is the first call we make."

- Ken Malson, Argix Direct

"Mead Johnson has done business with Trailiner for over 15 years and Trailiner has always exceeded our expectations for on time delivery. They have been consistent in customer service and responding to our every need. They are a part of us."

- Dick Martin, Mead Johnson